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Indymedia: An Essential Organization

October 21, 2011

Indymedia is an exercise in freedom of the press the way it was supposed to be. The breadth of its coverage is impressive, it does not seem to be concerned with what will attract the most readers, but is genuinely trying to find injustice and report it. Its largest success, coverage at the WTO protests in Seattle was important for the event as a safeguard against biased corporate media coverage of the demonstrations. They continue to provide the same reporting today.

The organization’s structure is important as well, with many branches reporting from around the world, Indymedia is able to able to maintain a range of international reporters while mainstream media struggles to pay the bills required by international bureaus.

The U.S. site today is focused on the Occupy Wall Street protests around the country, just browsing through the front-page articles it is possible to get an in-depth view of what types of protests are happening in various cities, all in one spot. The top story is about Verizon workers marching in solidarity with Occupy Boston, there is a piece about Occupy Los Angles, a sidebar announcement says Portland public access television will air a program about Occupy Portland. By producing smaller, more intimate stories, Indymedia is able to present a snapshot of the world from the ground up.


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