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The Good And The Bad of Independent Music Blogs

October 21, 2011

An interesting development in online independent media is music blogs. Though music and the internet have been friendly ever since the discovery of the power to share music digitally, what makes the blogs different is that many share new music form artists as well as obtain original interviews and sometimes do real reporting on the music industry.

For example, lessThan3 is an electronic dance music blog that streams newly released music and posts Q&A interviews with artists (less than three refers to the internet “heart” comprised of the number three and the less-than symbol,”<3” ). This blog focuses on big-name artists though they claim to feature independents as well; they also put up articles about events the authors attend. All of this is paid for by the authors and through t-shirt sales with the blog’s logo – true independence.

There is, however, a darker side to music blogs; sites devoted to providing links to illegal files are the norm these days. Remix-Nation is one of them, it features descriptive articles highlighting news from artists in a variety dance and Hip-hop genres. Each post features a track from the artist along with the link to download it. Remix-Nation cites the legal loophole found within the Terms & Conditions page of thousands of music blogs:

“ provides links to audio files hosted on external sites…and allows people to listen for personal use only. We do not condone the downloading of any songs on this website…The music should be purchased legally elsewhere. “

This policy is laughable given that the download link is obviously displayed on the page and often the post about an artist will reference the fact that there is a free download available on the site. It’s commendable that sites are providing music news to the public, but the illegal download links are not the best policy, especially when the music is produced by small electronic music artists who don’t make nearly as much as mainstream artists.


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