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The Business of The Internet is Bizarre

October 28, 2011

When I see independent blogs like Perezhilton, icnahascheesburger, or boingboing, my immediate reaction is to say “what’s the point?” But what these sites have managed to do –and I’m sure they would answer me the same way — is successfully craft a selling point to advertisers.
While independent media largely remains in the immense shadow of mainstream media, some entertainment blogs have become the kings of the net, raking in millions of dollars from advertising revenue generated on their popular pages. With funny pictures, jokes and ridicule of public figures, these sites are aimed at the massive audience seeking a relief to boredom on the internet.

What can be drawn from this? Perhaps the simple fact: Showbiz and the bizarre, sell ads.

But can other Independent sites use these tactics to make a profit? I don’t see Democracy Now! devoting much space to lolcats any time soon but The Young Turks are not too far away from Perez Hilton when they cover stories like “Hot Teacher Fired For Being Too Hot,” which has over 30 million views on YouTube. And the pictures of bikini models on Huffington Post are there for obvious reasons.

Maybe it is time for more news sites who want to raise their popularity and profits to jump on board and cater to the masses. Yes, it might detract a bit from the integrity of the news and information on the sites, but wouldn’t it be worth it to have more traffic and more money? It could even draw people’s awareness to more important issues.
It may seem farfetched, but I’m going to wait for Democracy Now!’s “Reporter intimidation re-mix video” to hit the front page.


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