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Carrier IQ is a Chilling Wake-up Call For news Consumers

December 2, 2011

The controversy is growing over Carrier IQ, the software installed on some smartphones that tracks user activity on the internet. The data can potentially be sold to advertisers to build customer profiles. The recent discovery that this software was installed is a wake-up call to potential for corporate involvement in our internet activities.

It is important to protect privacy on smartphones because more and more people are viewing news on mobile devices. An article from Poynter cites a 2010 PEW study that showed 26% of those polled read their news on mobile devices, and that trend is expected to increase.

The article says, “According to Tom Rosenstiel, Director of the Project For Excellence in Journalism, ‘Those numbers are only going to go up as the penetration of smart phones grows. The computer of the future is held in your hand.’”

If corporations are able to track user activity and have a presence on mobile devices, this could open the door for censorship and infringement on net neutrality Thankfully, Al Franken has put pressure on the practice and maybe we’ll see this type of privacy breach disappear.


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